Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport Vol. 16, no. 2, April-June 2015

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Traian Bocu: Contributions to the development of school sports in rural areas /  95


Bogdan Augustin Chiş, Natalia Giurgea, Remus Moldovan, Adriana Mureşan: Q10 coenzyme supplementation effect on heart weight in dysmetabolism and exercise (Note I) / 97

Bogdan Augustin Chiş, Natalia Giurgea, Remus Moldovan, Adriana Mureşan: Q10 coenzyme supplementation effect on relative liver weight and density in dysmetabolism and exercise (Note II) / 102

Călin Marin, Pierre Joseph de Hillerin, Mihaela Marin, Cristian Vizitiu, Alexandru Nistorescu, Andreea Vizitiu: Arguments for a unified psycho-neuro-motor approach in Human Performance training / 107

Pierre de Hillerin, Andra Băltoiu, Cristina Botezatu, Cristina Ciurea, Alexandru Nistorescu, Vlad Văleanu: Preliminary study of the mechanical properties of striated muscle in humans / 113

Mohammadrasoul Khodadadi, Mohammad Pourranjbar, Abolfazl Bejani, Roghayeh Sarlab: The structural equation model of brand identity and attitudinal and behavioral loyalty of Iranian Football League’s fans / 118

Abdolhamid Arbabi, Vali Mehdinezhad: The relationship between the school principals’ collaborative leadership style and teachers’ self-efficacy / 125

Georgiana-Alexandra Penescu: Psychomotricity development in visually impaired children through synchronous group dance – work strategy / 132

Petru Sandu, Cosmina Ioana Bondor, Floarea Mocean: Exploring the infrastructure and community programs accessed by medical students when being physically active /  138

Adrian Alexandru Moşoi, Lorand Balint: Psychomotor skills – a general or specific approach? / 144

Mircea Mihălcică, Ioan Burcă, Violeta Munteanu: An inexpensive solution for tracking the knee flexion angle for patients in motor recovery / 149

Maria Violeta Guiman, Ioan Burcă, Mihaela Violeta Munteanu, Mircea Mihălcică: Theoretical and experimental aspects regarding long jump dynamics / 154


Adela-Raluca Nistor, Ioan Onac, Adriana Ştefănescu, Ileana Monica Borda, Viorela Ciortea, Laszlo Irsay, Adriana Mureşan, Rodica Ungur: The role of singing therapy in pulmonary rehabilitation / 158

Daniela Pintican, Dan Mihu: Influence of smoking on exercise capacity / 164

Dina Magdalena Puşcaş, Simona Tache: The importance of an exercise program in breast cancer related lymphedema / 172

Vasile Grama, Ildiko Manasses, Ştefan Maroti: Evolution of the men’s Olympic basketball tournaments using a geographical perspective / 176


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Tim McGarry, Peter O’Donoghue, Jaime Sampaio (editors). Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis / 180


Mihai Cucu: The 3rd National Conference of Medicine Applied to Physical Education

and Sports, a successful edition / 183

Cristian Potora, Traian Bocu:  “Gheorghe Moceanu” Symposium, 20 June 2015 (7) / 186


Cristian Potora: The ”Gelu Românul” Cross Country Running Cup, 3rd edition, Dăbâca, 6 June 2015 / 188

Lucia Maria Lotrean: The 23rd International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services /  189


The editors / 191