Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport Vol. 19, no. 3, July-September 2018

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Ștefan Adrian Martin, Roxana Maria Hadmaş, Dan Dobreanu: Non-specific maximal testing results, under certain training conditions, can be associated with roller skiing performances during a competitive 5K event / 141

Constanţa Urzeală, Mihaela Vlăiculescu, Daniel Courteix: A strategy for an interdisciplinary intervention on children with diabetes: a pilot study / 147

George Jîtcă, Amelia Tero-Vescan, Amalia Miklos, Camil-Eugen Vari, Bianca-Eugenia Ősz: Differences in dietary supplements used by performance athletes and recreationally active individuals / 153

Serghei Cebanu, Mariana Tutunaru, Raisa Deleu, Angela Cazacu-Stratu, Grigore Friptuleac: Promoting and supporting physical activity and sport among young people in the Republic of Moldova / 158

Alexandra-Camelia Gliga, Nicolae Neagu, Tiberiu Bățagă: Study of the physiotherapist – patient relationship / 165

Ana Florica Chiș, Ruxandra Mioara Râjnoveanu, Milena Adina Man, Doina Adina Todea, Bogdan Augustin Chiș, Carmen Monica Pop: Six-minute walk test outcome in COPD patients / 170

Alexandru Maftei, Roxana Maria Hadmaş, Ștefan Adrian Martin: Menu structure for children and youth swimmers during micro-cycle training / 176


Laura Ioana Gavrilaș, Corina Ionescu, Ovidiu Bălăcescu, Daniel Cruceriu, Lorena Filip, Doina Miere: Physical activity in colorectal cancer / 181


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Debra J. Rose (editor). Physical activity instruction of older adults. 2nd edition / 187


Traian Bocu: The 4th National Conference of Medicine Applied to Physical Education and Sports, Higher Quality / 188


Traian Bocu: Evocation of Professor Dr. Iuliu Hațieganu in Dârja (3) / 190

Traian Bocu: The annual meeting of veteran athletes of the „U” Cluj Club (24) / 192


The editors / 193