Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport Vol. 18, no. 3, July-September 2017

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Zerf Mohammed, Besultan Hadje, Attouti Norddine, Touati Blidi, Mokkedes Moulay Idriss: Influence of the observation method as a selection procedure in the performance of Algerian goalkeepers / 125

Anca Jianu: Respiratory physical therapy influence on the stress level in hypertensive persons in the age group 40-60 years / 130

Emre Bağcı, Işık Bayraktar: Is there a relationship between flexibility ability and the selected long jump performance components of teenage athletes? / 135

Dana Bădău, Papp Enikö, Flaviu Stelian Duşa, Iulia Macovei, Patricia-Maria Mălăncrăvean, Mircea Ion-Ene, Adriana Neofit, Ramona Natalia Ungur, Adela Bădău: Improving balance by experimenting through animal-assisted therapies / 139

Camelia Manuela Mîrza, Diana Topârcean, Tudor-Valentin Mîrza: The experimental effect of Lycium barbarum on redox homeostasis in physical exercise / 144


Blanca Szolga, Teodora Alexescu: Implications of rheumatology in sports medicine / 151

Alexandra Bolocan, Dan Nicolae Păduraru, Oana Adelina Ionescu, Octavian Andronic: Features of the surgical management of inguinal hernias developed in professional athletes / 158

Adela-Raluca Nistor, Ioan Onac, Lăcrămioara Perju-Dumbravă, Ileana Monica Borda, Viorela Ciortea, Laszlo Irsay, Nicoleta Tohănean, Istvan Ver, Rodica Ungur: Mirror therapy in neurological rehabilitation / 163


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Ben Jackson, James Dimmock, Josh Compton (editors). Persuasion and Communication in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity / 169


Mihai Cucu: The personality of Professor Dr. Iuliu Hațieganu commemorated at Dârja-Cluj (2) / 170

Leon Gomboș: Xavier Pascual Fuertes, Professor Honoris Causa of the Babeș-Bolyai University / 171

Traian Bocu: The annual meeting of veteran athletes of the „U” Cluj Club (23) / 173


The editors / 174