Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport Vol. 18, no. 4, October-December 2017

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Rodica Trăistaru, Diana Kamal, Constantin Kamal,Otilia Rogoveanu, Ana Maria Bumbea : Rehabilitation in elderly patients with parkinsonism / 185

Laura Ionescu, Cristian Potora, Ovidiu Stan, Lucia Maria Lotrean: Promotion of an active lifestyle among children with hearing deficiencies – presentation of an educational program / 192

Roxana Maria Hadmaş, Adriana Neghirlă, Ștefan Adrian Martin: Children’s nutrition specificity related to general sporting activities practiced in kindergartens / 196

Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău: Effect of Manuka honey administration on malondialdehyde, in intense exercise / 201

Erkan Günay, Funda Aksu, Aksel Çelik, Mete Edizer, Nuket Göçmen Mas: Digit ratio (2D:4D) comparison between competitive age group swimmers and non-athletes / 206


Adriana Albu, Cristina Bidian: Arterial stiffness in athletes / 210

Ana Maria Bumbea, Rodica Trăistaru, Carmen Albu, Roxana Carmen Dumitrașcu, Bogdan Ștefan Bumbea:  The shoulder – anatomical and biomechanics aspects / 215

Valeria Laza: Contradictions and controversies in contemporary nutrition / 220

Dragoș-Florin Teodor: Nutrition guidelines for competitive tennis / 225


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Gian Luigi Canata, Pieter d’Hhooghe, Kenneth J. Hunt (editors). Muscle and tendon injuries. Evaluation and management / 229


Cristian Potora: The autumn cross country races for students in Frata (3rd ed.) and Răchiţele-Mărgău (7th ed.) continue / 230

Lorena Filip, Oana Stanciu, Anamaria Cozma-Petruţ, Roxana Banc, Doina Miere: The 7th National Conference with International Participation “Nutrition – Medicine of the Future” & the Francophone Symposium on Nutrition and Food Safety “Nutrisûr”, 23-24 November 2017, Cluj-Napoca, Romania / 232


The editors / 234