The Attention of the Subscribers

The “Palestrica of the Third Millennium” journal is printed quarterly. The subscription price is 100 EUR for institutions abroad and 50 EUR for individual subscribers outside Romania. For  Romanian institutions, the subscription price is 120 RON, and for individual subscribers the price is 100 RON. Note that distribution fees are included in the postal costs.

Payment of subscriptions should be made by bank transfer to the Romanian Medical Society of Physical Education and Sports, CIF 26198743. Banca Transilvania, Cluj branch, IBAN: RO32 BTRL 0130 1205 S623 12XX (RON), RO07 BTRL 01,304,205 S623 12XX (EUR), RO56 BTRL 01,302,205 S623 12XX (USD). SWIFT: BTRLRO 22

Please note that in 2010 a tax for each article submitted  was introduced. Consequently, all authors of articles  must pay the sum of 100 RON to the Romanian Medical Society of Physical Education and Sport published above. Authors who have paid the subscription fee will be exempt from this tax.

Other information can be obtained online at “Instructions for Authors”, at our e-mail address or at the postal address: 1, Clinicilor St., 400006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, phone: +40264-598575.