Palestrica of the third millennium – Civilization and sport Vol. 16, no. 1, January-March 2015

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Traian Bocu: Volunteering in sports / 7


Lucia Maria Lotrean, Roxana Ailoaiei, Gabriela Mejia Torres, Monica Popa: The role of lifestyle in cancer prevention: opinions of Romanian cancer patients’ relatives / 11

Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău: Coenzyme Q10 Forte product influence on muscle soreness and muscle fatigue sensation, in acute intense physical stress / 17

Ioana Curiţianu, Elena Balint, Mircea Neamţu: Analysis of defense parameters in handball teams HCM Constanta and FC Barcelona in the competition Champions League 2011-2012 / 22

Mădălina-Doiniţa Scurt, Mircea Neamţu, Corneliu Scurt: A study on the dietary and physical activity practice behaviours in children aged 12-15 from urban areas / 27

Eugen Roşca, Ioan Feflea: A study on attention optimization in high performance female volleyball players through attentional training / 34


Alina Popa, Alexandrina Nicu, Monica Borda, László Irsay, Rodica Ungur, Ioan Onac, Viorela Ciortea: Rehabilitation after total shoulder arthroplasty for a giant-cell tumor of bone – a case report / 41

Georgiana-Alexandra Penescu: Methods of training and development of motor behaviors in children with autism and visual impairment – a case report / 46


Dan Petru Constantinescu, Mihaela Ioana Constantinescu, Daniela Pintea, Horatiu Silaghi, Aurel Ioan Mironiuc: The venous system and exercise / 52

Vasile Negrean, Cristina Pascu, Iulia Olimpia Cheţa, Teodora Alexescu, Oana Cioancă: Metabolic diseases: the latest findings in sports / 56

Renata Nicula, Nicolae Costin:  Exercise in perimenopausal women / 61

Sergiu David, Cristian Potora, Monica Popa:  Melatonin and exercise / 69

Ştefan Maroti: Contributions to Romanian polo team presence at the first European swimming championship / 74


Book reviews

The editors: Carmen Aneta Preja. Didactics of psychomotor and physical teaching – preschool and primary education / 77

The editors: Carmen Aneta Preja. Bodily expressiveness, motor communication, eurythmy and dance in child development / 77

Gheorghe Dumitru: Melinda Flegel. Sport First Aid. 5th Edition / 77


Cristian Potora, Traian Bocu: The 2015 Cluj county school cross-country skiing calendar / 79


The editors / 82