Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport – Vol. 15, no. 4, October-December 2014

Download full text EDITORIAL Traian Bocu: Ethical and deontological issues in school and university sports / 283 ORIGINAL STUDIES Ileana Monica Borda, Rodica Ungur, Laszlo Irsay, Ioan Onac, Viorela Ciortea: Sex-related differences in isokinetic muscular contraction / 286 Lucia Maria Lotrean, Valeria Laza, Maria Olivo del Valle, Claudia Pop: Prevalence and co-occurrence of several unhealthy alimentary habits among Romanian young people / 291 Mircea Mihălcică, Ioan Burcă, Violeta Munteanu: A motion capture and analysis system to aid the physician during the motor recovery of patients / 296 Laura Ciulea, Dragoş Bondoc Ionescu, Ioan Burcă: Functional training impact on the cardiovascular adaptation to exercise of junior female volleyball players / 301 Ionela Alina Cucui, Gheorghe Gabriel Cucui: Study on the quantification […]

Palestrica of the third millennium – Civilization and sport Vol. 15, no. 3, July-September 2014

Download full text EDITORIAL Iuliu Ovidiu Marian:  The spirit of sport at the beginning of the Millennium / 179 ORIGINAL STUDIES Mihnea C. Manea, Maria G. Puiu, Mirela Manea, Simona Tache:  Motor and emotional behaviour in experimentally induced schizophrenia / 183 Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău:  Coenzyme Q10 action on mental fatigue and energy, in acute physical stress / 189 Tali Ronen, Emilia Florina Grosu:”It’s easy to learn from movement”: learning through the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN) / 193 Nicolae Neagu:  Exercise quantification in physical training by the computerized guidance of running tempos / 200 Remus Dumitrescu, Daniela Aducovschi: A study on the amount of time students from the University of Bucharest allocate for sporting activities / 207 Simona Szasz, Nicolae […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – Civilization and sport Vol. 15, no. 2, April-June 2014

Download full text Editorial   Demostene Şofron: Palestrica of the Third Millennium, important steps for international recognition / 101 ORIGINAL  STUDIES  Maria G. Puiu, Mihnea C. Manea, Mirela Manea, Simona Tache: Motor and emotional behavior in experimentally induced depression / 103 Bogdana Năsui, Codruţa Popescu: The assessment of the physical activity of Romanian university students in relation to nutritional status and academic performance / 107 Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău: Relationship between plant supplements and sports – from the perspective of PubMed publications / 112 Hassan Kordi, Mehdi Ghanbarzadeh Rafiee, Elham Gilany Shirvan, Mohamad Darvishi: Joint mobility limitations and fundamental motor skills in adolescents participating in a weight training program / 116 Victoria Lupuleac: Physical education for the correction of dysgraphia in […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium, Vol. 15, no. 1, January-March 2014

Download full text EDITORIAL Traian Bocu: Moderate exercise vs. physical exercise addiction / 7 ORIGINAL STUDIES Viorela Ciortea, Laszlo Irsay, Ileana Monica Borda, Ioan Onac, Rodica Ungur: Correlation of periprosthetic bone mineral density and skeletal bone mineral density values in patients with total hip arthroplasty / 11 Lilach Shalit, Iacob Hanţiu: The impact of exercise based on the Eshkol-Wachman movement notation on general coordination / 16 Rodica Ungur, Viorela Ciortea, Ioan Onac, Teodora Mocan, Laszlo Irsay, Maria Dronca, Şoimiţa Suciu, Ileana Monica Borda: Clinical effects of multimodal therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis / 22 Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău: Evaluation of PubMed publications concerning dance, injury, pain and stress subjects / 26 Ileana Monica Borda, Rodica Ungur, Lászlo Irsay, Ioan […]