Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport – Vol. 15, no. 4, October-December 2014

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Traian Bocu: Ethical and deontological issues in school and university sports / 283


Ileana Monica Borda, Rodica Ungur, Laszlo Irsay, Ioan Onac, Viorela Ciortea: Sex-related differences in isokinetic muscular contraction / 286

Lucia Maria Lotrean, Valeria Laza, Maria Olivo del Valle, Claudia Pop: Prevalence and co-occurrence of several unhealthy alimentary habits among Romanian young people / 291

Mircea Mihălcică, Ioan Burcă, Violeta Munteanu: A motion capture and analysis system to aid the physician during the motor recovery of patients / 296

Laura Ciulea, Dragoş Bondoc Ionescu, Ioan Burcă: Functional training impact on the cardiovascular adaptation to exercise of junior female volleyball players / 301

Ionela Alina Cucui, Gheorghe Gabriel Cucui: Study on the quantification of the motivational level of high performance rowers (Note II) / 307

Papp Enikö Gabriela, Nicolae Neagu, Szasz Simona, Bako Aliz Tünde: Contributions to the psychomotor development of preschool children, through specific kinetoprophylactic exercises / 312

Simona-Pia Făgăraş, Cristina-Elena Moraru, Liliana-Elisabeta Radu: Aspects regarding the motivation of fencers / 317

Ágnes Simon-Ugron, Simona Tache: Influence of acute exposure to hypobaric hypoxia and ozone, and of lycopene administration on the tissue oxidant/antioxidant balance in physical exercise studied in the myocardium / 321

Ramona Ungur, Dragoș Ionescu Bondoc: Preliminary study for the implementation of the ”Servo-Volley Platform” innovative technology in view of improving the volleyball serve / 326


Viorela Ciortea, Rodica Ungur, Laszlo Irsay, Mădălina Nechita, Alina Popa, Ioan Onac, Ileana Monica Borda:Vertebral fracture – the first clinical sign of osteoporosis – Case report / 331


Angela Cozma, Ioana Miclea, Olga Orăşan, Adriana Fodor, Vasile Negrean, Bogdan Mărcuş, Raluca Rancea, Adela Sitar-Tăut: Athletes and the cardiovascular system / 336

Dana-Maria Dimulescu, Gheorghe Chiriţi: Senescence – a determinant or contributory cause of increasing the risk of falling? (Note II)  342

Ileana Monica Borda, Rodica Ungur, Lászlo Irsay, Ioan Onac, Viorela Ciortea: Objectives and principles of treatment in idiopathic scoliosis / 349

Viorela Ciortea, Rodica Ungur, Laszlo Irsay, Ioan Onac, Alina Popa, Delia Popa, Ileana Monica Borda: Classification of scoliosis / 353

Ştefan Maroti, Petre Peţan, Mihaela Goina: Oradea, a traditional centre with good results for the Romanian juvenil water polo / 357


Carmen Preja: New Romanian publications in the field of sports / 362

Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Jay Hoffman. Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance With Web Resource 2nd Edition / 363

Mihai Cucu: Valentin Vasile. No diet, style of life / 364

Alexandru Mureşan: Ilie Dobre. Ioan Lador between human excellence and academic arenas – review / 365

Traian Bocu: Demostene Şofron. Rugby „U” Cluj – 65 Tradition and performance 1949-2014 / 365


Cristian Potora, Traian Bocu: Physical education classes and sports activities applied to specific rural environment conditions, in Cluj pre-university education / 367


The editors / 369