Resin composite layering technique for direct anterior teeth restorations

Authors: Elena-Bianca Varvară, Anca Ştefania Mesaros, Bogdan Culic, Adrian Mihai Varvară*, Diana Dudea


Department of Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Materials, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Background. Composite resins can be successfully used to improve the patient’s esthetics through minimally invasive, low cost and high clinical performance treatments. The layering techniques of composite resins in different thicknesses, with varying degrees of opacity and translucency, permit to create esthetic restorations with dental structures characteristics.

Aims. The aim of the study was to evaluate the characteristics, principles and methods of stratification of resins composite materials and to exemplify these methods with clinical cases.

Methods. An electronic search of scientific articles referring to the stratification of composite materials was done using a single medical database: Pub Med. The focus on the selection of keywords as well as the inclusion and exclusion criteria were the guiding elements of the research. All articles were included after the title, the abstract and finally, the full text was checked. Only relevant research has been reviewed. Based on the results, several methods of stratifications have been used in clinical practice.

Results. The concept of natural stratification, anatomical stratification, the stratification of the anterior teeth using a dentine hue and a predefined thickness of enamel, or a single layer of material and the correct placement of pigments and opacities, lead to the achievement of esthetic and predictable direct restorations of nanocomposite resins.

Conclusions. Within the limit of this study, it is  concluded that, to achieve aesthetic excellence, dentists should understand and apply artistic and scientific principles when layering materials, respecting the optical properties of natural dental structures.

 Keywords: composite resins, stratification, optical properties

PDF: Resin composite layering technique for direct anterior teeth restorations