Alexandru D. Rădulescu: Orthopedics and sports medicine in the middle of the twentieth century

Author: Gheorghe Tomoaia1, 2, Daniel Oltean‑Dan2


1Academy of Romanian Scientists

2 Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The great Romanian Union in 1918 had the effect of passing the University of Cluj-Napoca under the authority of the Romanian state. The reorganization of the University of Cluj-Napoca set in motion the whole Romanian society, especially the academic field. Representative Romanian intellectuals released a series of organizational suggestions regarding the background and content of the education system that was going to be applied in the third University of Romania. Dr. Alexandru Rădulescu was an important member of the Romanian surgery and then orthopedic society, and the founder of the Orthopedic School in Cluj. Until 1940, in this hospital, he had a rich osteoarticular traumatology activity, supported by scientific and publishing work appreciated by many specialists. The whole organization of the hospital demonstrated the advanced concepts of the young doctor Rădulescu in the field of rehabilitation of motor deficiencies. Professor Alexandru Rădulescu was an autodidact, a character and specialist trainer, an excellent teacher, an emeritus professor, an excellent clinician and author of many surgical procedures that bear his name. Nowadays, at the Great Romanian Union Centenary, Prof. Al. D. Rădulescu deserves all the honor and special recognition for his academic achievements and contributions, being a pioneer of Romanian orthopedics and sports medicine, and the founder of the Romanian Orthopedic School in Cluj-Napoca and in our country.

Keywords: Alexandru Rădulescu, Romanian orthopedic history, orthopedic, traumatology

PDF: Alexandru D. Rădulescu: Orthopedics and sports medicine in the middle of the twentieth century