Project for the multidisciplinary team and their management in the context of special education

Authors: Crina Laura Ionescu, Muşata-Dacia Bocoş Binţinţan

Affiliation:     Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The fundamental purpose of a multidisciplinary team as a group of professionals that collaborate, design, make decisions and achieve specific activities to attain the proposed objectives is to respect the children’s superior interest by the decisions made and the activities carried out. The structure of the multidisciplinary team is conditioned by the nature of the child’s special educational needs and the type of necessary support.

The instruments available to the multidisciplinary team in the planning and coordination of individualized psycho-pedagogical and social services are: the personalized service plan (PSP), the personalized intervention plan (PIP), the individualized educational program, the case study and the psycho-pedagogical sheet. These instruments contribute to the elaboration of case management, which represents a method for coordinating assistance activities in the interest of children and their families, being aimed at developing and using their potential and resources.

The inclusion of children with special educational needs is an intervention in their growth and development, for their school and social integration. To attain this desideratum, a team is formed, whose members collaborate to ensure the necessary conditions.

In special education, the established objectives can be achieved and problems can be productively addressed only by work within a multidisciplinary team, which is the main source of energy for continuous learning and improvement.

Keywords: multidisciplinary team, special educational needs, personalized service plan, individualized educational program, personalized intervention plan, psycho-pedagogical sheet

Project for the multidisciplinary team and their management in the context of special education