The necessity of an insurance system in Romanian sport

Author: Traian Bocu

Affiliation: ”Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Editor-in-Chief of the Palestrica of the Third Millennium journal, Vice-President of the Romanian Medical Society of Physical Education and Sport


The term sport includes: school and university physical education, sport for all or recreational sport, and high performance sport. All these segments of sport have an important sanogenic role, but at the same time, when they are practiced inappropriately or in non-compliance with deontological principles, they pose a high risk of injury or even death. Risks are derived from two sources: a) an increase of aggressiveness in the practice of sport, particularly high performance sport; b) the exceeding of a deontological threshold in the practice of some sport disciplines or events, based on a continuous increase in the degree of difficulty of technical elements with an increasingly high risk, in order to keep up with the competition. Even sports such as football, basketball or handball have become sports with a high risk of injury. Not to mention artistic gymnastics or some acrobatic winter sports. This is why some countries with advanced sport systems such as USA or Germany have launched campaigns against the escalating number of injuries, which can lead to serious consequences up to death. The campaigns against injuries are based on slogans such as: Stop sports injuries or Make youth sports injury safety your priority.

Keywords: prevention, sports injuries, insurance system in sport

The necessity of an insurance system in Romanian sport