Influence of the observation method as a selection procedure in the performance of Algerian goalkeepers

Authors: Zerf Mohammed, Besultan Hadje, Attouti Norddine, Touati Blidi, Mokkedes Moulay Idriss

Affiliation: Physical and Sports Education Institute Mostaganem, Sports Training Department Laboratory OPAPS, University Abdel Hamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem, Algeria


Background. Many East European countries have revealed the weaknesses of the traditional method and have attempted to develop identification methods underpinned by scientific theory and evidence.

Aims. The present study was intended to determine the strengths and weaknesses of naked-eye appreciation practice by our coaches as a method for the selection of potential goalkeepers.

Methods. To achieve this objective, this comparative study tested 28 goalkeepers at the end of the first half of the season by the Penalty Kick Test, ‘T’ Drill Test, Ruler Drop Test (TR) and anthropometric parameters (BH, BMI, WC, and BW). The subjects were distributed into three groups depending on their success in the penalty test (PK%: GP1≈50% – GP2≈60% -GP3≈70% success).

Results. Based on the applied statistical methods and success in the penalty kick test, our results confirm the weakness of traditional methods recognized by scientists through their subjectivity in assessing the amount of body fat and its effect on physical performance. The disadvantages and the subjectivity of the observation method used to detect the errors of the GK body shape and their correction by training was concluded in the present study.

Conclusions. To forecast the success of talented goalkeepers in adult elite competition, anthropometric and physical characteristics are actually crucial to discriminate talented from non-talented soccer players. For this purpose, we recommend our coaches to support their observations. Setting up predisposing tests is required to enhance the credibility and objectivity of decisions in selecting/detecting or evaluating the progress of players in the long term or in the short term.

Keywords: observation method, selection, performance of Algerian goalkeepers.

Influence of the observation method as a selection procedure in the performance of Algerian goalkeepers