Palestrica of the third millennium – Civilization and sport Vol. 17, no. 1, January-March 2016

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Traian Bocu: The importance of physical activities for prevention in healthcare / 7


Lucia Maria Lotrean, Tania Lupşa, Maria Olivo del Valle, Ovidiu Stan, Codruţa Lencu: The use of internet and its relationship with the involvement in physical activity among Romanian school children from urban and rural areas / 9

Luisa Florea, Lorena Filip, Roxana Banc, Ana Maria Cozma, Oana Stanciu, Laura Ioana Gavrilaș, Dan Istrate, Doina Miere: Consumers’ knowledge, interest and attitude toward functional food in a Romanian population sample / 14

Roxana Maria Hadmaș, Adriana Neghirlă, Ștefan Adrian Martin: The influence of physical activity on pregnancy evolution and the newborn’s weight / 19

Nicolae Neagu: Body Mass Index – a referential parameter of the female selection in hurdling / 23

Edith Eva Tosa, Adriana Albu, Monica Popa: The effect of physical therapy on the improvement of the quality of life in rheumatoid arthritis patients / 29

Ștefan Adrian Martin, Valeriu Tomescu: The Efficiency of Energy Recovery in an Elite Rowing Group / 35

Radu Cîrjoescu, Simona Tache: Anthropometric indicators in young rugby players / 39

Aron Adrian, Yost Matthew: The effects of patient positioning in wheelchairs on cardiac and metabolic function / 46


Ioana Para, Nicoleta Leach, Vasile Negrean, Teodora Alexescu: The kidney and exercise / 51

Codruţa Lencu, Renata Nicula, Lucia Maria Lotrean: Hormonal response to physical exercise / 56

Ioan Trifa: The contribution of play fighting to social skills development / 61

Ildiko Manasses, Mariana Bagiu, Aurora Dragoș: Horia Pop – Fifty years serving Romanian female basketball / 67


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Ezdine Bouhlel & Roy J. Shephard (Editors). Optimizing physical performance during fasting and dietary restriction: implications for athletes and sports medicine / 72


Lorena Filip, Oana Stanciu, Anamaria Cozma, Roxana Banc, Laura Gavrilaş, Doina Miere: The National Conference „Nutrition – The Future Medicine”, Fifth Edition, 25-27 November 2015, Cluj-Napoca / 74


Szekely Csaba :Rugby feast in Iclod / 77

Cristian Potora: The 2016 Cluj mountain center cross-country skiing competition / 80


The editors / 84