Palestrica of the third millennium – Civilization and sport Vol. 16, no. 4, October-December 2015

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Traian Bocu: Special Olympics-Paralympics Games relationship / 299


Denisa Enescu Bieru, Germina Cosma, Mihai Dragomir, Mihnea Marin, Mirela Lucia Calina, Ligia Rusu: Characteristics of somatosensory evoked potentials in athletes / 302

Rodica Trăistaru, Diana Kamal, Viorela Enăchescu, Taina Avramescu, Constantin Kamal: Physical exercise in the rehabilitation of elderly patients with knee osteoarthritis / 308

Andreea Marilena Ionescu, Simona Tache: Effects of tramadol administration on the oxidant/antioxidant balance in trained rats / 315

Sergiu David, Nikolaos Mavritsakis, Anne-Marie Constantin, Monica Popa: The effect of hypothermia on exercise capacity / 319

Maria Violeta Guiman, Ioan Burcă: A method for the analysis of the take-off and the flight start in the long jump / 324

Ștefan Adrian Martin, Monica Tarcea: The relationship between exercise parameters, body weight, and nutritional habits of junior handball players / 329

George Cosac, Dragoş Bondoc Ionescu: Research approach for outlining the biomechanical parameters of the tennis serve / 333

Vlad Teodor Grosu, Toader Florian, Emil Ciufudean, Emilia Florina Grosu: Attention and emotional distress in junior athletes practicing judo and alpine skiing / 338

Flaviu-Stelian Duşa, Dana Bădău: The study of musculoskeletal injuries in athletes from Târgu Mureș / 342

Ildiko Manasses: A study of the behavior of Romanian and foreign basketball players in the U-Mobitelco team in FIBA Eurochallenge Cup games / 347


Ioana Para, Nicoleta Leach, Vasile Negrean, Teodora Alexescu: Venous pathology in athletes / 351

Codruţa Mărginean, Emil Onaca, Mira Florea: Asthma and swimming – benefits and risks / 355

Nicolae Neagu: Anthropic topology: an affordable approach in the study of human somatic homomorphism / 360


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Jane Johnson (author). Postural Correction / 366


Cristian Potora: Two autumn school cross country races on the road of tradition / 368


The editors / 370