Palestrica of the third millennium Civilization and sport Vol. 16, no. 3, July-September 2015

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Traian Bocu: Promoting regional brands in sports and sports medicine / 205


Maria Ilieş, Raul Nicoară, Alina Uifălean, Simona Codruţa Hegheş, Cristina Adela Iuga, Felicia Loghin: Perspectives to evaluate the impact of physical activity on mental health using a HPLC method for the monitoring of biogenic amine levels / 207

Andreea Marilena Ionescu, Bogdan Nicolae Manolescu, Roxana Popa, Ruxandra Badea, Simona Săvulescu, Simona Tache, Mihai Berteanu: Effects of tramadol treatment on aerobic exercise capacity in subjects with chronic non-specific low back pain / 214

Diana-Lidia Tache-Codreanu, Andreia Ileana Murgu, Luminița Diana Marinescu: The possible side effects of High Intensity Laser / 219

Laura Ciulea, Ioan Burcă: Physical training, an important factor in the training of junior female volleyball players / 223

Michal Azmon, Emilia Grosu: Factors involved in adherence to physical activity among Israeli physiotherapists / 228

Adela Bădău, Ramona Natalia Ungur, Dana Bădău: Influence of water gymnastics on strength development / 235

Ştefan Adrian Martin, Monica Tarcea: Consequences of lack of education regarding nutrition among young athletes / 241

Oana-Maria Ganciu: The effectiveness of swimming in treating and preventing obesity / 247


Roxana Bordea, Ondine Lucaciu, Bogdan Crișan, Daniela Popa, Radu Septimiu Câmpian: Recovery of patients after ablative and non-ablative laser treatments – a case report / 253


Adriana Albu, Delia Lupu: Adipokines, systemic inflammation and exercise / 257

Teodora Alexescu, Iulia Cheţa, Vasile Negrean, Ioana Para, Oana Cioancă, Mircea Handru: Cutaneous pathology in athletes / 262

Rodica Trăistaru, Diana Kamal, Mara Bălteanu, Taina Avramescu: Benefits of rehabilitation programs for the asthmatic patient / 269

Cristian Bârsu: A study on hand and finger gymnastics, published in 1880, in Jassy / 276


Book reviews

Gheorghe Dumitru: Michelle Grenier (editor). Physical Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. A Comprehensive Approach / 281


Lorena Filip: The right to health of the child and the marketing of unhealthy food / 283

Traian Bocu: Diamond Anniversary of the veteran athletes of ”U” Cluj club (21) / 285


The editors / 287