Palestrica of the Third Millenium – Vol.13,No.4, October – December 2012

Download full text EDITORIAL Traian Bocu:  Considerations on basic techniques in sports / 299 ORIGINAL STUDIES Amine Elloumi, Daniel Leucuţa, Mohamed Mohamed, Adriana Albu: Determinants of arterial stiffness in physically active middle aged adults /  301 Dana-Maria Dimulescu, Gheorghe Chiriţi: Improvement of algo-dysfunctional syndrome by postural therapy in lumbosacral spine diseases /  306 Jaroslav Broďáni, Jaromír Šimonek: Prediction of coordination performance in ice-hockey players based on the structure of coordination capacities /  316 Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău:  Influence of music therapy on anxiety and salivary cortisol, in stress induced by short term intense physical exercise /  321 Ioana-Maria Curiţianu, Mircea Neamţu: An analysis of throws/goals scored by the male handball team HCM Constanţa during the ”Champions League” competition 2011-2012 / […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium, Vol. 13, no. 3, July – September 2012

Download full text Download all abstracts Editorial Traian Bocu: The importance of research in the practice of physical education and sports activities / 175 ORIGINALSTUDIES Ileana Monica Borda, Ioan Onac, Láslo Irsay, Rodica Ungur, Viorela Ciortea, Liviu Pop: Interdependence between quality of life, clinical and isokinetic results in knee osteoarthritis patients with joint replacement indication / 177 Anca Lucia Vădan, Remus Moldovan, Simona Tache: Antioxidant complex supplementation and aerobic exercise capacity in rats / 182 Nicolae Filip, Rodica Ciulei, Patricia Pocol, Alexandru Georgescu: Pre- and post-surgery changes in the quality of life of patients receiving total hip arthroplasty / 188 Cristian Bodescu, Ramona Moldovan Jurcău, Liviu Pop: The correlation between the augmentation index and walking capacity in patients with peripheral […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium, Vol. 13, no. 2, April – June 2012

Download full text Download all abstracts EDITORIAL Traian Bocu: Medicine applied to physical education and sport / 85 ORIGINAL STUDIES Codruţa Florina Bulduş, Pompei Bolfa, Gabriel Borza, Remus Moldovan, Simona Tache: Histopathological changes in the brain and myocardium of trained animals supplemented with hemp oil / 86 Ionuţ Moldovan, Ruxandra Diţă, Liviu Pop: The effects of focused pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis. A randomised, placebo-controlled study /  91 Mihaiela Petean, Alexandra Cristina Berghian, Iuliana Boroş-Balint, Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan, Cosmina Bondor: The motor and emotional behavior of animals exposed to chronic anakinetic stress / 96 Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcău, Cristian Bodescu: Heart rate and salivary cortisol changes in stress caused by intense short duration exercise in […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium, Vol. 13, no.1, January – March 2012

Download full text Editorial Traian Bocu: About the tradition of events in sports / 7 ORIGINAL STUDIES Ionuţ Moldovan, Liviu Pop: The effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on the electrical properties of the synovial fluid proteins / 9 Rodica Loloş, Ştefania Kory Calomfirescu: Clinical forms of subcortical aphasia in stroke and their recovery using the sophrology method / 13 Beáta Dobay, Miklos Banhidi:  Sport tourism development in Slovakia / 19 Anca Jianu, Sabina Macovei: The occupational therapy impact on the recovery of convalescent elderly people after an acute myocardial infarction / 23 Elena Amelia Stan:  The benefits of aerobic aquatic gymnastics on overweight children / 27 Mihaela Păunescu, Gabriela Gagea, Cătălin Păunescu:  Ways of spending leisure time in Romania […]

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