Palestrica of the Third Millenium – Vol.12,No.4, October – December 2011

Download full text LEADING ARTICLE Traian Bocu:  Quality principles and health educational promotions together with physical activities in pre-university and superior education /  315 ORIGINAL STUDIES Farzad Ghafouri, Bahman Mirzaei, Afshar Honarvar, Mary A. Hums, Mohammad Azizi, Abolfazl Bejani:  Interest in sport and sport participation of Iranian citizens / 317 Alexandra-Cristina Berghian, Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan: The influence of acute hypothermic and anakinetic stress on the motility and emotivity in carnitine supplemented rats /  323 Tudor Hodor Popon, Hana Decean, Cristina Bidian, Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan: Prenatal alcohol administration in pregnant animals and its effects on the motor and emotional behavior of their offspring (Note I) / 327 Tudor Hodor Popon, Cristina Bidian, Alexandra Berghian,Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan: Prenatal cigarette […]

Palestrica of the Third Millenium – Vol.12,No.3, July – September 2011

Download full text LEADING ARTICLE Traian Bocu: Infrastructure in leisure sport activities / 213 ORIGINAL STUDIES Laszlo Irsay, Andreea Diana Nițu, Rodica Ungur, Monica Borda, Viorela Ciortea, Ioan Onac: The impact of isokinetic exercises on the quality of life in patients with primary osteoporosis / 215 Alexandra-Cristina Berghian, Cătălin Raus, Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan, Iuliana Boroş-Balint: The influence of acute anakinetic stress on the motility and emotivity in carnitine supplemented rats / 221 Nikolaos Mavritsakis, Cătălin Raus: Physical activity for the elderly in institutions / 226 Florina-Maria Gabor, Nicolae Miu, Floarea Mocean: Comparative analysis regarding quality of life perception in healthy and chronic ill children through the impact of social and family related factors  / 230 Claudiu Avram, Mihaela Oraviţan, […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – Vol.12 no.2 April – June 2011

Download full text LEADING ARTICLE Traian Bocu: Violence targeting media clichés in sport / 107 ORIGINAL STUDIES Daniel Gligor: An experimental study of the histomorphometric assessment of peripheral nerve regeneration after end-to-side neurorrhaphy / 108 Cecilia Boboş, Simona Tache: Alterations in the blood cell count under the action of air polluting factors in exercise-trained animals / 112 Alaa Taha, Camelia Irina Chiş, Adriana Marton: The influence of Complex Antioxidant supplementation on oxidative stress parameters and aerobic capacity in trained rats / 118 Oana Alina Puia, Luminiţa Pleşca-Manea: The effects of linolenic acid administration on the memory and motor behaviour in mice trained for physical exercise / 122 Ovidiu Dragoş, Remus Orăsan, Mihai Kiss, Remus Moldovan:  The influence of some preparations […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – Vol.12 no.1 January – March 2011

Download full text LEADING ARTICLE Traian Bocu: Highlights for improving school health through physical education and sports activities / 7 ORIGINAL STUDIES Andreea-Marilena Ionescu, Simona Tache: Effects of acute administration of Tramadol upon effort capacity in rats / 11 Andreea Stancu, Valeria Laza: Physical activity and food behavior in a group of pregnant women / 15 Mihai Kiss, Ovidiu Dragoş, Adriana Mureşan, Remus Orăsan:  Influence of the administration of flavonoids on the exercise capacity in rats / 21 Ovidiu Dragoş, Remus Orăsan: The physical training and aerobic exercise capacity of professional football players in the pre-competition period  / 26 Ioan Feflea, Gheorghe Simion: The influence of physical training level upon the technical capacities of junior female basketball players / 29 […]