Palestrica of the Third Millennium – December 2006 Year VII, no. 4 (26)

FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD : Full text download LEADING ARTICLE Traian Bocu: Sports selection and creativity / 5 GENERAL ARTICLES Valeria Laza: Energy suppliers and physical activity / 7 Claudia Borza, Rodica Mateescu, Smaranda Rodica Goţia: The respiratory system adaptation during physical exercise / 16 Simona Tache, Fulga Florescu: The menstrual cycle and exercise performance / 19 Dan Dragoş Crăciun, Simona Tache: Physical fitness and health in children and adolescents (I) / 25 Lorand Balint: Favoring factors and prevention measures in the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament at knee – level in alpine skiers / 30 Virgil I. Ganea: The definition and the typology of motric outdoor activities / 34 Research Studies Victor Cristea, Nicolae Miron, Adriana Bujor, Andrada Seicean, […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – September 2006 Year VII no. 3 (25)

DOWNLOAD ALL ABSTRACTS Download all abstracts LEADING ARTICLE Georgeta Nazarie: Sport in searching of its own identity / 5 GENERAL ARTICLES Simona Tache, T. Bocu, G. V. Freundlich, C. Th. David, Luciana Stănilă: Physical effort and muscle pain (II) / 8 L. Balint: Experimental aspects and technico-methodical considerations regarding lesions of the cruciate anterior ligaments of the knee in alpine skiers / 15 Fulga Florescu, N. Costin: The exercise capacity in postmenopause women / 20 Claudia Borza, Rodica Mateescu, Georgeta Mihalaş: The cardiovascular system adaptation during exercise / 25 V. Bogdan: Aspects of modern sport preparation related to training planning and periodicity / 28 Research Studies Cecilia Boboş, Simona Tache, R. Moldovan, C. Login, Paula Aronescu-Cârjan, Doina Daicoviciu: Effects of […]