Energy drinks for athlete students in university

Authors: Mohamed Bougherbi, Ahmed Mourad Hadj, Redouane Berredjem, Khaled Baouche

Affiliation: Institute of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, University of Bouira, Algeria


Background. In recent years, the world has seen an increasing trend in the consumption of beverages called “energy drinks”, a non-scientific and non-medical marketing term for products marketed by beverage companies. These are usually beverages containing caffeine as well as other substances such as taurine, guarana, which claim to provide consumers with energy and vitality.

Aims. This study’s objective was to discover the pattern of consumption of energy drinks for athlete students who partici­pate in the university sports associations of the regions of Bouira, Tizi Ouizou, Boumerdes, Bejaia, and their behaviors in the choice of these drinks.

Methods. A study sample included university athlete students from the faculties and institutes of the four state universities that are mentioned above: 32 athletes (20 males and 12 females) qualified for the inter-state championship. A questionnaire was distributed which included a set of questions based on two axes, and appropriate statistical tools were used to calculate the results (percentage, chi2).

Results. Fake promotions and advertisements attract athletes to consume energy drinks. Information and wrong miscon­ceptions can harm these students though the existence of health awareness for some students was noticed in the consumption of some brands.

Conclusions. The necessity to care for university athlete students and raise health awareness and the nutrition behavior for them.

Keywords: energy drinks, athlete students, university environment.

Energy drinks for athlete students in university