Diagnosis and treatment aspects of surgical pathology in athletes

Authors: Răzvan Dan Togănel, Teodora Alexescu, Mircea Milaciu, Iulia Olimpia Pfingstgraf, Lorena Ciumărnean

Affiliation: “Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, 4th Medical Clinic


Surgical pathology in athletes is an important chapter of modern surgery, and in many cases it also has a high degree of difficulty in terms of a positive diagnosis. Whether chronic or acute, the diagnosis for inguinal pain should be made as early as possible to reduce as much as possible the period during which the athlete is absent from training and competitions, thus speeding up the athlete’s comeback. Moreover, the treatment algorithm in these cases must be chosen correctly, the differential diagnosis thus gaining special importance. One should keep in mind that if wrongly diagnosed and treated, this pathology can lead to a premature termination of the athlete’s career. On the other hand, the late return of the athlete to the characteristic acti-vity of the chosen sport can have an important economic impact on the club or organization where the athlete is active.

Keywords: pain, surgical pathology, athletes


Diagnosis and treatment aspects of surgical pathology in athletes