Less known aspects of the Olympic Games

Authors: Daniela Aducovschi, Ioan Sabău

Affiliation: Department of Physical Education and Sport, The University of Bucharest, Romania


Much has been written about the Olympic Games because it is a worldwide event that makes us empathize with a whole world, but especially reminds us to be patriotic, reminding us that we have to fight for high achievements in sport. The begin­ning of 2018 has been marked by the Winter Olympic Games, the supreme level sporting event, held every four years. This year’s host, PyeongChang City of South Korea was voted in after its third candidacy (first in 2010, second in 2014), making a collective effort to be ready in time. Athletes from 92 countries (absolute record) attended 15 sports disciplines and 102 events. Sport is and will be a messenger of twinning among nations, of respecting global values and the progress of athlete achieve­ments. The history of these games is impressive both through its events and its continuity.

In this article, our intention is to contribute with additional information on some less known aspects of the Olympic Games and to highlight the contribution of personalities to the continuation and progress of sporting performances.

Keywords: Olympic Games, antiquity, modern age


Less known aspects of the Olympic Games