Palestrica of the Third Millennium – December 2007 Vol. VIII, no. 4 (30)

FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD Full text download LEADING ARTICLE Gheorghe Dumitru: Romania connects too slowly to the European measures of promoting health through physical activity / 213 GENERAL ARTICLES Dana Samuilă, Remus Orăsan: Erythropoietin and doping / 218 Cristina Bidian, Simona Tache: Smoking and physical activity / 225 Cristian Bârsu: Contributions of professor Mihai Botez in Physical Education field / 232 Rareş D. Ciocoi-Pop, Simona Tache: Coenzyme Q10 and exercise capacity / 235 Sabina Macovei: Theoretical orientations regarding the “suppleness – mobility” motor capacity / 241 Florin Pelin: A new technique of competitional alpine skiing / 246 Mihai Ludovic Kiss: The majorettes – between sport and art / 249 Luana Pătac: Aquatic exercises for cellulite prevention / 254 Leon Gomboş, Gheorghe […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – September 2007 Vol. VIII, no. 3 (29)

FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD : Full text download LEADING ARTICLE Petru Derevenco: Doping danger in sport / 145 GENERAL ARTICLES Andreia Ileana Murgu, Valeria Bălan, Anca Ionescu, Adela Apostol: Hydrokinetoterapy in musculoskeletal rehabilitation / 147 Melania Câmpeanu, Nicolae Horaţiu Pop, Cristian Batali, Simona Muşat, : The “Palestra” Center For A Healthy Development Through Physical Activities / 155 Daniela Ganea, Virgil Ganea: The particularities in mixt swimming groups for the children with hearing disabilities / 162 Alexandru Virgil Voicu: Some considerations regarding children protection in the matter of anti doping/drug consumption and doping practice / 167 Research Studies Cecilia Boboş, Simona Tache, Remus Moldovan, Felicia Iencica, : Haematologic changes in experimental exercise / 171 Traian Bocu, Ileana Rusu, Valeria Laza: The influence […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – June 2007 Vol. VIII, no. 2 (28)

FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD : Full text download LEADING ARTICLE Cristian Bârsu: In remember of Gheorghe Mocianu, first Romanian professor of Physical Education / 75 GENERAL ARTICLES Gheorghe Dumitru: Physical activity as a health promoting factor in the European Union: community vision and politics (II) / 78 Anne-Marie Chindriş, Dan Dragoş Crăciun, Violeta Leuca: Athletic nerve and joint injuries of the shoulder / 88 Iuliana Boroş-Balint, Simona Tache: Psychological and physiological particularities of human stress and physical effort / 93 Traian Bocu, Iustin Lupu, Cornelia Monea, Mihai Kiss: Assessment methods for sport and physical activities of students in other faculties than Sport and Physical Education in Cluj-Napoca, Romania) / 98 Alexandru Virgil Voicu, Doiniţa Roxana Păulescu: Considerations regarding the transparency of […]

Palestrica of the Third Millennium – March 2007 Vol. VIII, no. 1 (27)

FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD : Full text download LEADING ARTICLE Marius Crăciun: Aggression and violence in sport. Psychologycal backgrounds / 5 GENERAL ARTICLES Valeria Laza: Liquids and Micronutrients Need in Physical Activity / 8 Claudia Borza, Rodica Mateescu, Erika Deak: Methodology of Effort Tests / 14 Simona Tache, Vasile Bogdan: The genetic basis of sport-training / 18 Dan Dragoş Crăciun, Simona Tache, Traian Bocu, Irina Ienac: The components of motor performance – related to fitness in children and adolescents (II) / 22 Gheorghe Dumitru: Physical activity as health promoting factor in the European Union. Community vision and politics (I) / 26 Lorand Balint: Kinetotherapeutic rehabilitation of ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in the knee of alpine skiers / 34 Research Studies Alina […]